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Material Safety Data Sheet
MSDS – BV 20EW MSDS – BX Q6 MSDS – Bio-X Lv Shield MSDS – Bio-X i-Shield
Product Brochure – BV 20EW Product Brochure – BX Q6 Product Brochure – Bio-X Lv Shield Product Brochure – Bio-X i-Shield
Brochure for Hotel Application Brochure for Paddy Application Brochure for Poultry Application Brochure for Agriculture Corporate Brochure
Application of Bio-Pesticides To Improve Paddy Yield
Fact Sheet for LD50
Report WHO (World Health Organization) on Evaluation of ETF 2007 Report IMR (Institute of Medical Research : Malaysia) on Evaluation of BV 20EW Mosquitos 2014 Report BIOMIN on Mycotoxins 2015
Article Padi - Sustainability of Rice Production - A Malaysian Perspective Article Padi - Direct Padi Seeding in Malaysia Article Padi - FAO World Rice Production 2014 Article Padi - Insect Pest of Rice Article Padi - Malaysian Rice Policy, Challenges and Implications Article Padi - Fundamentals of Rice Crop Science Article Padi - Rice Production Handbook   Article Poultry - Global Poultry Trends Article Poultry - Review of Domestic Malaysian Broiler Market Article Poultry - Structure, Conduct and Performance of the Malaysian Poultry Industry   Article Mosquito - Dengue in Malaysia, A Commentary